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  • Single Touch Payroll Employer Transition Working Group key messages 18 October 2022


    Chair Chontelle Weyman welcomed members and attendees to the October Single Tax Payroll (STP) Employer Transition Working Group meeting.

    Digital service provider update

    Travis Wright from the ATO provided an update on digital service providers (DSP) readiness and testing, noting the following:

    • DSPs product readiness is progressing well with over 70% of products now being whitelisted for STP Phase 2 reporting.
    • It is still expected that most of the remaining providers will have their products whitelisted by December 2022.
    • With many DSP products ready and more STP Phase 2 production data available, our focus continues to shift towards data assurance and building our understanding of employer reporting behaviours and patterns.

    Employer transition and engagement update

    Chontelle provided the group an update on the Phase 2 employer transition and engagement activities, noting;

    • As of 9 October 2022, over 239,000 employers are reporting Phase 2 data for over 4.3 million individuals.
    • We are conducting one-to-one engagement with those large employers whose product is whitelisted and deferral is about to expire. Pleasingly, these engagements are providing us with confidence that many of the top 100 employers are preparing to transition before 31 December 2022, with several others in early 2023. These tailored engagements will continue from now until December 2022.
    • We have supported several large external speaking engagements during October 2022, such as payroll associations and bookkeeper conferences.

    Correspondence update

    Kylie Merner provided the group an update on the Phase 2 employer communication activities, noting;

    • A correspondence campaign is commencing in October, where tailored letters are being sent to employers to encourage them to onboard to Phase 2 reporting if their product is ready or to start preparing.
    • All tax and BAS agents will be sent a list during November which details their clients STP reporting status, including whether they have commenced Phase 2 reporting.

    Industry updates

    Members were asked if they had heard any community or stakeholder sentiments from their networks regarding STP Phase 2, noting;

    • The question was raised about whether a new employee fact sheet and/or communications was required. Members will consider this further and discuss at the next meeting held in November.
    • Members raised concern about the difficulties in transitioning products and suggested the ATO consider enhancing the existing guidance material to better support employers and their agents.

    Other business

    Chontelle thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting.

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