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  • Single Touch Payroll Employer Transition Working Group key messages 9 August 2022


    Chair, Chontelle Weyman welcomed members and attendees to the August Single Touch Payroll (STP) Employer Transition Working Group (ETWG) meeting.

    Tax time update

    Ian Colhoun from the ATO provided a tax time update to the group, noting the following:

    • The STP end of year processes and experience has matured with each year since reporting began.
    • This tax time there has been approximately 21 million income statements generated; 95% of which have been finalised.
    • As a trend, finalisations are occurring earlier each year and the number of records requiring ATO remediation is decreasing, as employers become more confident with the end of year process.
    • The ATO is continuing to look at ways to improve visibility of reported data for employers and their agents, to better support the end of year reconciliation.

    Digital service provider update

    Travis Wright, ATO provided an update on digital service provider (DSP) readiness and testing, noting the following:

    • We now have over 200 products that have been whitelisted for STP Phase 2 reporting, with a further 67 in testing phase. Recognising that not all whitelisted products have started transition their clients to STP Phase 2 reporting.
    • We are continuing to work with DSPs to address common themes that have been identified during testing. These insights are the being used to inform our guidance material for employers.

    Members asked if the low-cost register remaining for STP Phase 2? Travis advised members that the register is remaining and that there are no intentions to remove it at this stage.

    Employer transition and engagement

    Chontelle provided the group an update on the STP Phase 2 employer transition and engagement activities, noting:

    • There are over 208,000 employers reporting through STP Phase 2 for more than 3.3 million individuals, with the number of employers commencing STP Phase 2 reporting expected to remain steady over the next few months.
    • Several enhancements to the STP Phase 2 Employer Guide have been published to support understanding of the changes (namely the reporting of allowances) which continue to be a topic that employers require support with.
    • To further support employers and their agents with STP Phase 2 reporting, a new ‘Reporting help’ page addressing common themes and questions, together with 8 short, topic-based videos are now available on
    • Kylie Merner provided a further update to members about the upcoming correspondence campaign commencing mid-August. Where the ATO will be sending tailored letters to employers based on their product readiness, to ensure they are aware of their STP Phase 2 obligations.

    Other business

    In the last ETWG meeting held in June 2022, members were asked to review the group’s membership and frequency of meetings. Based on members feedback, Chontelle confirmed the frequency of meetings for the remainder of the calendar year would remain 6-weekly. Also, that the membership would be expanded to include additional small business and DSP representatives.

    Chontelle thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting.

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