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  • Supporting the Tax Profession Working Group key messages 1 March 2021

    Group focus

    The Supporting the Tax Profession working group is focused on developing a framework to respond to a crisis or disaster. The framework is being co-designed in partnership with representatives from the Tax Profession Stewardship Group and BAS Agent Association Group and will include a:

    • crisis and disaster response approach from the ATO and the Tax Profession to support tax professionals and the community in the short term
    • support and recovery response approach from the ATO and the Tax Profession to support tax professionals and the community in the long term
    • communications plan to ensure appropriate engagement and communication activities are undertaken through the course of the crisis and takes into account mental health support strategies for the tax profession and their clients.

    The group met on 1 March 2021 and discussed the key outcomes achieved to date and to map out a draft project timeline of the next steps and key deliverables towards 30 June 2021.

    Project group updates: Focus areas and next steps of each project group in 2021

    Information and guidance

    The groups focus will be to:

    • Understand and determine the communication channel preferences of the profession in both the short and long-term in relation to disaster and crisis response.
    • Develop a communication plan that underpins the framework and ensures that the appropriate approach is taken in the short term and long-term.

    Flexible and adaptable processes

    The groups focus will be to:

    • Develop a short-term rapid response framework to ensure an appropriate level of response is implemented in the event of a crisis and the right messages are communicated at the right time.

    Understanding long term impacts

    The groups focus will be to:

    • Continue developing the long-term framework that supports the tax profession and community to weather through and recover from a disaster or crisis.
    • Identify the necessary elements that will form part of the framework including a communication and business change strategy.

    The three project groups will continue to meet fortnightly and will work towards identifying how they can work more closely together to build a high-level overarching framework that can be implemented should another adverse or crisis event.

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