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  • Supporting the Tax Profession Working Group key messages 11 December 2020

    Group Focus

    The Supporting the Tax Profession working group is focused on:

    • developing a high-level support framework following a crisis or disaster for the tax profession
    • clarifying and improving current processes implemented by both the ATO and the tax profession in the event of a crisis
    • providing recommendations on the redesign of the ATO website and participating in the user testing and co-design phase of the redesign in relation to disaster response communications.

    The Supporting the Tax Profession working group met on 11 December 2020. The meeting provided an opportunity for each of the individual project groups that sit under the working group to provide an update on how they are tracking against the project delivery timeframe for the end of June 2021.

    Since the working group last met in October 2020, a decision was made to close the changing roles and mental health support project group. The project group identified a range of mental health and wellbeing issues which were encompassed in the work being done within the other project groups. Therefore, the groups agreed each group would focus on specific mental health initiatives rather than separate them into a separate group.

    Members from this group have now been incorporated into the three remaining project groups to ensure a mental health lens continues to be placed across the outcomes and deliverables being discussed.

    Project group updates: Focus areas and next steps of each project group in 2021

    Information and guidance

    The group’s focus will be to:

    • Finalise a set of key recommendations on changes to to be considered by the ATO’s Digital Experience Team.
    • Understand and determine the communication channel preferences of the profession in both the short and long term in relation to disaster and crisis response.

    Flexible and adaptable processes

    The group’s focus will be to:

    • Develop a short-term framework with ATO Business Continuity Management to ensure an appropriate level of response is implemented in the event of a crisis and the right messages are communicated at the right time.

    Understanding long term impacts

    The group’s focus will be to:

    • Continue to build a long-term framework that can be used by the tax profession to provide support to the community and tax professionals in times of crisis.
    • Run through a real-life scenario to determine how the long-term framework will be applied in practice.

    The three project groups will continue to meet fortnightly in 2021, commencing in mid-February, with a working group meeting scheduled for early March to begin developing the high-level framework.

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