Standing members

Membership of the Advisory Board is decided and approved by the ABR Registrar in consultation with government.

It is expected that Advisory Board representation from government agencies will be at a very senior level. Commonwealth agencies may include but not be restricted to:



The Treasury

Executive Director Revenue Group

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Deputy Secretary

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Deputy Australian Statistician

Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Australian Government Information Management Office

Chief Information Officer

Australian Taxation Office

Chief Operating Officer

Australian Business Register

Registrar and Deputy Registrar

One state government representative will be drawn from each of the following types of agencies:

  • treasuries
  • revenue offices
  • small business agencies - representing state, territory or local governments.




Small Business Ministerial Council

Industry and Investments NSW

Online and Communications Council

Australian Government Information Management Office

Australian Local Government Association

Chief Executive

Ministerial Council for Federal Financial Affairs

ACT Revenue

State Revenue and Treasury Offices

ACT Revenue

Ministerial Council for Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Membership of the Advisory Board is for a term of two years, unless otherwise stipulated.

A quorum will consist of six members and must include the Chair, subject to alternative arrangements agreed to by a majority of the ABR Advisory Board.

Other attendees

Other attendees are invited where they contribute to consideration of particular agenda items, or as presenters of agenda items, or at the discretion of the ABR Advisory Board.

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