• BAS Agent Association Group Minutes, December 2013

    Meeting details


    Video conference at sites in Adelaide, Albury, Brisbane, Melbourne, National Office and Sydney
    Audiolink to other sites


    4 December 2013






    Cameron Sorensen


    Tricia Walsh

    Contact Phone

    07 314 95768


    Cameron Sorensen
    Assistant Commissioner


    Matthew Addison
    Executive Director

    Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

    Debra Anderson
    Principal, Legally BAS

    BAS Agent

    Tony Austin
    Membership Association Representative

    First Class Financial Group

    Maria Benardis
    Professional Association Representative

    Association of Taxation and Management Accountants and Association of Certified Bookkeepers

    John Birse

    Jim’s Bookkeeping

    Kelli Day
    Accounts by Day

    BAS Agent

    Rowena Hand
    Principal - Books and BAS

    BAS Agent

    Martine Joly
    Professional Association Representative

    Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

    Stuart Norman
    Chief Executive Officer

    Association of Accounting Technicians

    Russell Smith
    Carruss Consultants

    BAS Agent and Tax Practitioners Board member

    Peter Thorp
    Member Agent

    Australian Bookkeepers Network

    Guest Presenters

    Lekie Johnston
    ATO - Assistant Director, TPALS

    Agenda Item 2

    John Becker
    ATO - Assistant Commissioner, ATO Corporate

    Agenda Item 3

    Will Day
    ATO - Assistant Commissioner, Serious Non-compliance

    Agenda Item 3

    Jennifer Moltisanti
    ATO - Assistant Commissioner, Indirect Tax

    Agenda Item 4

    Janine Bristow
    ATO - Senior Director, Indirect Tax

    Agenda Item 4

    Graham King
    ATO - Senior Director, Business Reporting and Registration

    Agenda Item 5

    Colleen Colquhoun
    ATO - Director, Superannuation

    Agenda Item 6

    Cristina O'Brien
    ATO - Assistant Director Superannuation

    Agenda Item 6


    Joyce Correnza


    Stephanie Caredes
    Tax Counsel, Professional Association Representative

    Tax Institute

    Kerri Giles
    BAS Agent

    Kwik Biz Solutions

    Robert Hutt
    Professional Association Representative

    Institute of Public Accountants


    Tricia Walsh



    BAS Agents Association Group (BASAAG) agendas, minutes and related papers are not binding on the Tax Office or any of the other bodies referred to in these papers. While every effort is made to accurately record views expressed, the wording necessarily represents a summary of statements of general position only, and care should be taken in interpreting those statements. These papers reflect the position at the date of release (unless otherwise noted) and readers should note that the position on any issue may subsequently change.

    2013 Forward program

    Potential agenda items or focus areas for discussion at future BAS Agent Association Group (BASAAG) meetings are listed below.

    To raise an issue for consideration for the 2013 Forward Program, please forward details via email to the following mailbox: basaag@ato.gov.au

    • Electronic Service Delivery

    Agenda Items

    Agenda items are provided by the Professional Bodies and the ATO, including the many joint ATO/practitioner/taxpayer liaison forums operating across Australia.

    1. Introduction, apologies and confirmation of minutes

    • The meeting commenced at 09.30am.
    • Chair’s opening comments -

    Co-chair Cameron Sorensen welcomed participants to this meeting which was held by videoconference over six ATO sites

    Adelaide - 25 Franklin Street

    Albury - 520 Smollett Street

    Brisbane - 55 Elizabeth Street

    Melbourne – 747 Collins Street

    National Office - Gnabra Kembery, 21 Genge Street

    Sydney – 52 Goulburn Street

    and audiolink.

    • Guest presenters  
      • Assistant Director Lekie Johnston, TPALS (Agenda Item 2)
      • Assistant Commissioner John Becker, ATO Corporate (Agenda Item 3)
      • Assistant Commissioner Will Day, Serous Non-compliance (Agenda Item 3)
      • Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Moltisanti, ITX (Agenda Item 4)
      • Senior Director Janine Bristow, ITX (Agenda Item 4)
      • Senior Director Graham King, Business Reporting and Registration (Agenda Item 5)
      • Director Colleen Colquhoun, Superannuation (Agenda Item 6)
      • Assistant Director Cristina O'Brien, Superannuation (Agenda Item 6)
    • Apologies  
      • Assistant Director Joyce Correnza, TPALS
      • Kerri Giles, Principal Kwik-Biz Solutions
      • Robert Hutt, Professional Association Representative, Institute of Public Accountants
      • Stephanie Caredes, Tax Counsel, Tax Institute
    • Confirmation of the draft minutes for the 18 June 2013 meeting.

    Draft minutes forwarded to members for comment on 23 July 2013. No comment was received.

    Minutes have been published to ato.gov.au

    • Record of action items listed for review

    There were no outstanding items listed for review.

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