The ATO advised that it will keep members updated as to the progress of the TIES requests and will administer section 135T on the basis that the relevant Acts were listed.

4 Charter and Forum Review

The ATO advised members that it would send members the bi-annual review of the Charter and the forum and ask members to provide their response to the Secretariat.

In advising members of the review, the ATO outlined the changes that have occurred following a review of the various consultative forums in which the ATO was involved. The review examined whether the ATO’s consultative forums (some 68 forums) were still meeting their goals, the right people were involved and whether the process was providing a timely result. The review was also about identifying best or better practice and innovative and effective consultation models.

Following the review, the FBT subcommittee of the National Tax Liaison Group (NTLG FBT Sub-committee) will transition to a technical working group and accordingly the August 2013 meeting was the final meeting of the NTLG FBT Sub-committee.

The framework implemented following the review has three main components:

1. Eight stewardship committees with strategic relationship and advisory roles:

2. Project-like consultation that is issues–based

3. A consultation hub that is a coordination unit and intelligence centre.

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