• 5 News from the ATO

    5.1 Compliance update

    Compliance in focus 2013-14

    The ATO’s Compliance in focus 2013-14 (our latest compliance program) was released on 16 July 2013.

    A key area of focus for FBT in 2013-14 will be identifying and correctly reporting fringe benefits provided to employees.

    The ATO will focus on employers that fail to recognise they have FBT obligations, paying particular attention to those that do not lodge FBT returns.

    The ATO is increasing the efforts to identify employers that may have an FBT obligation but are not in the FBT system.

    The ATO will use third party information to identify those operating outside the system, and take firm action where employers have deliberately sought to avoid their obligations.

    FBT risk and compliance activities

    The ATO is continuing to undertake compliance work, using third party information to identify those outside the FBT system (for example where motor vehicles are registered in the business name, but no FBT return has been lodged or employee contributions disclosed).

    On 15 July 2013, 10,000 letters were issued to employers that may have an FBT obligation in respect of a motor vehicle registered in a business name.

    In August 2013, the ATO commenced an educational campaign relating to the recent living-away-from-home allowance changes. The campaign will have an educational focus and test whether employers understand the new law and record keeping requirements (e.g. declarations).

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