FBT Products

Fringe benefits tax exempt motor vehicles

Fringe benefits tax exempt motor vehicle - this information explains when the use of certain motor vehicles is exempt from FBT and lists vehicles that may qualify for the exemption. 

The lists of relevant motor vehicles manufactured have been approved and published on ato.gov.au

Living away from home allowances

Changes to the tax treatment of living-away-from-home allowances and benefits - fact sheet is available on ato.gov.au

Declarations - updated on ato.gov.au following the legislative changes to living-away-from-home allowances and benefits.

The Fact sheet is being updated to cover common questions raised since the initial release.

Relevant chapters of Fringe benefits tax - a guide for employers are being updated to reflect the recent law change.

2013 FBT return

There will not be a mail out of the FBT return and related instructions this year. Instead the return and related instructions will need to be ordered. The 2013 FBT return and related instructions are expected to be available in March 2013. The instructions and a sample of the return will be placed on ato.gov.au.

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