• 1. Welcome, conflict of interest, previous minutes and action items

    Pauline Zdjelar welcomed members to the meeting.

    No members declared a conflict of interest.

    The minutes from the previous meetings, held on 17 May 2012, were accepted without change.

    Following a discussion at a previous meeting, Darryl Daisley requested an update from Treasury on the imposition of carbon charge on Marine Transport fuel tax credit - where domestically purchased fuel is consumed in an overseas voyage. Darryl advised the forum that a submission had been lodged with Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science Research, and Tertiary Education, and also with Treasury.

    Robert Greig from Treasury attended the meeting to provide an update. Robert advised that Treasury was working on this issue and recognised that it’s complicated. This issue is being managed within Treasury with several other carbon charge issues.

    Darryl Daisley advised that four dredging companies had lodged submissions. He noted that these companies operate not only in Australia, but globally. Ships come and go all the time and each single movement costs approximately $50,000 - $60,000.

    Pauline informed members that sharing data with Treasury on this matter would breach privacy regulations given the small pool of companies involved. Pauline stated that the ATO will investigate a way of de-identifying / aggregating data to provide an estimate of bunkers and then provide this information to Treasury.

    Darryl explained that there was no problem with availability of duty free fuel. He saw that a possible compliance issue is that the shipping companies might be claiming the full fuel tax credit of 38.143 cents per litre instead of 31.622 cents per litre after 1 July 2012.

    Pauline confirmed that the ATO had communicated with all fuel tax credit clients to inform them of the reduction in fuel tax credit due to the carbon charge. The ATO will keep members informed on the progress of this issue.

    Action Item: 12062013-1-1


    Due date: As soon as possible

    ATO to investigate the means for collecting aggregated data to provide an estimate in Australian ports to Treasury


    (Peter Harding)

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