• 4. Enhancements to the online fuel tax credit eligibility tool and calculator for July 2013

    Shane Tilby presented information and a real time demonstration of the eligibility tool for claiming fuel tax credit. Shane advised that the fuel tax credit eligibility tool and calculator have been updated and enhanced for 1 July 2013. Changes will:

    • cater for the fuel tax credit legislative changes commencing on 1 July 2013, as well as the implications from the Linfox decision on rates for fuel used to power auxiliary equipment on heavy vehicles travelling on public roads
    • provide an improved user experience by making the tools quicker and easier to use, including:
      • streamline the input screens used for capturing the details of fuel acquisitions and apportionment to eligible activities
      • introduce optional tick boxes on many screens which means far fewer mouse-clicks are required to use the tools (for example, from 37 mouse clicks to 17 for an agricultural client using diesel)
      • improve layout and visual content - enhancing headings to assist in user understanding, improving the summary report screens to provide easier access to totals, calculations and the rates used, and
      • provide progress meters to assist users in understanding where they are in their use of the tools.

    The ATO will be promoting the enhanced tools through communication activities with external stakeholders and is exploring other opportunities to highlight the benefits of the new tools, for example, possibly through YouTube demonstrations.

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