• 7. Industry updates

    Deloitte - Peter Gibson advised that whilst ATO communications messages around claiming fuel tax credits are good, some clients are still not claiming fuel tax credits (or anything at all). The committee discussed the various reasons for non-claiming and the recent cases. Peter suggested that the ATO needs to continue to disseminate messages as much as possible and extend messages, particularly to local governments and Not-For-Profit organisations. The ATO agreed to look at ways of extending messages, particularly to local Government and the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector.

    Australian Trucking Association - Sarah Harber advised that the Trucking Australia 2013External Link conference will be held on 21-22 June 2013. Sarah will provide details of the conference to ATO members.

    Biofuels Association of Australia - Samantha Read advised that they are looking at the industry as a whole with gradual uptake of biodiesel mostly by the mining industry. The challenge is in gaining acceptance in the marketplace; not going as well as industry would like and they are looking at ways of articulating messages to address this concern.

    KPMG - Lisa Smith informed members that in terms of compliance, clients are comfortable they are getting it right but they don’t always know why.

    Association of Mining and Exploration Companies - Darryl Daisley advised that they are mostly focusing on other tax issues. He would like communication messages on July 2013 changes to be provided. Darryl has identified that the mining sector is also under claiming.

    Bus Industry Federation of Australia - Isuru Neelagma advised that the bus industry is decoupling from the trucking industry. Isuru’s industry represents the major national bus and coach companies as well as coach manufacturers. Pauline stated that the ATO wants to keep in touch to increase the reach of our messages.

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