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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 16 March 2021

    Welcome and introductions

    Mary Arrowsmith opened the meeting as Chair.

    Program update

    Department of Finance gateway review and independent assurer activities have resulted in some recommendations for improving the Program approach. These recommendations are being prioritised and an action plan to respond to all recommendations is being developed.

    At the recent Modernising Business Registers Design Working Group (DWG) Michelle Crosby, Deputy Registrar and Senior Accountable Officer, addressed DWG members noting an Application Programming Interface (API) will not be released for the Apply for director ID function. Similar to the process for tax file number (TFN) applications, the Apply for director ID process will be undertaken through ATO retail channels. Michelle reinforced the importance of agents’ and digital service providers’ role in onboarding directors, and the intention of the program to design processes, to keep people in their natural system where possible. The ATO more broadly is continuing to work on authentication for individuals via third parties separate to Modernising Business Register (MBR). Director ID technical release was successfully completed on 13 March 2021.

    Treasury update

    Treasury opened consultation on the director ID data standards and disclosure framework on 12 March 2021 and will close on 1 April 2021.

    Government has agreed to start delegating Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) Registry functions to the Registrar in mid-April 2021.

    The Minister has agreed to turn on director ID legislation to enable the Registrar to request a TFN to verify someone’s identity, with transition provisions to remain until 30 November 2022.

    Director ID’s will not be secret; however, the number will not be made searchable on any government website.

    Action item

    BAG 45

    Due date

    28 April 2021


    Matthew Sedgwick


    Provide written advice of what the Minister has agreed to members

    Director ID communications update

    During private beta only people who have been invited to participate in the private beta will be able to interact with the director ID application and new website.

    Members recommend that messaging is precise and positive in how it supports users.

    Director ID application channels

    Most individual directors will apply for their director ID using the digital channel. Non-digital channels will be available for those clients who cannot access myGovID or have no access to digital channels.

    Working with ASIC, Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and Office of the Register of Indigenous Corporations to establish processes to escalate customers to the dedicated Australian Business Register (ABR) phone number.

    Action item

    BAG 46

    Due date

    28 April 2021


    Eleanor Beer


    Future agenda item to consider the Director ID call centre flow processes

    Filing the new register – Data migration

    The MBR Tranche 2 Data Migration project will fill the new register with companies' data from ASIC and ABR. It will include current data and the history. How effectively we align and harmonise the data will have a profound impact on the benefit of the new platform to business and government.

    There is a focus on data harmonisation because it must be resolved to enable data migration and therefore the delivery of the MBR Program. Other data quality issues do not have to be resolved to move forward.

    Significant legal and ethical questions about changing client data in the registers need to be considered – choices we make in harmonising data need to be made with care.

    Search experience along the MBR journey

    As the delivery of the program is divided into different releases, not all the registry data will be migrated and made available on the MBR platform until the full program is completed.

    There is a trade-off between delivery and user experience. The program needs to manage community expectations.

    Other business

    No other business.

    The Chair closed the meeting at 12.05pm AEDT.

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