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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 16 March 2023

    Key topics discussed at the Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group meeting 16 March 2023

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    Welcome and introductions

    Deputy Commissioner Narda Phillips opened the meeting and welcomed attendees.

    No conflicts were declared.

    Program update

    An update on the independent review of the Modernising Business Registers programExternal Link was shared.

    Members expressed their support and willingness to provide feedback as part of the review process.

    Narda Phillips advised of the retirement of Assistant Commissioner Mary Arrowsmith from the ATO and thanked her for contribution to the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program over the past 3 years. Assistant Commissioner, Karen Redhead was welcomed back as co-chair.

    Karen advised that the meeting frequency had been reviewed as an outcome of an annual Business Advisory Group (BAG) review. Meetings will move to quarterly with written updates distributed between meetings to keep members updated on the progress of the program. Opportunities to engage via out-of-session consultations will continue.

    The next written update is planned to be distributed 26 April 2023 and the next meeting is scheduled to be held 6 June 2023.

    Companies' usability testing

    An update was shared on the Companies release usability testing approach for 2023. Key discussion points included:

    • The intent and scope of the sessions remains the same. Taking a risk-based approach, focusing on high volume interactions and priority work.
    • Thanking members who participated in usability testing sessions to date.
    • Expressions of interest to participate in usability testing sessions can be sent to

    ABRS company data access: tiered access model

    An update was presented on the tiered access model and how it applies to the public search of Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) company data. Co-design sessions were held over the last year with stakeholders, and a high-level tiered access model was developed.

    It was agreed that further information will be shared on the topic, including feedback from the consultation.

    BAG – 83 action item update

    Rhian Richards (Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) presented an update on the ASIC regulatory portal and digitisation of forms in response to the action item raised during the December 2022 meeting.

    A list of documents required to be lodged through the ASIC regulatory portal was shared.

    Rhian explained that Regulatory activities will stay with ASIC, whereas activities that focus on a lifecycle component such as the establishment, registration, and identification of an entity, will move across to ABRS in the ATO.

    New services are being added to the ASIC regulatory portal as paper forms are transitioned to digital transactions. Existing processes will remain the same until the new transactions go live. Communications to impacted stakeholders will precede the introduction of the new services being added to the ASIC regulatory portal.

    Members asked if ABRS and ASIC systems will share information. Rhian confirmed that this will happen in the background.

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