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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 27 August 2020

    Welcome and introductions

    Rosanne Bell opened the meeting as co-chair.

    Action items update

    BAG–23 – Work is being done to shape a forward plan of topics. Information to be provided at a future meeting.

    BAG–24 – A formal international standard for Director ID is not going to be established. The relevant ISO country code elements have been adopted. This item is now closed.

    BAG–25 – An update on Director ID numbering to be provided at a future meeting.

    Program update

    Mary Arrowsmith and Natalie Ross

    Natalie Ross, Chair of the Modernising Business Registers Design Working Group provided an overview of the last meeting held on 20 August 2020. The following topics were discussed:

    • format of the Director Identification Number
    • offering of the Director ID service via third parties – application programming interface (API)
    • the broader indicative timeline for the program
    • the need for a catalogue of API services
    • the ATO’s Digital Services Gateway and an update on how this program is progressing.

    Mary Arrowsmith advised that the ATO Corporate plan 2020–21 has issued. One of the eight strategic initiatives is the establishment of the Commonwealth Business Registry Service (CBRS). This means there will be support for the program from the ATO Executive and priority given across the ATO.

    The establishment of foundation functions across the program is underway. This includes looking at the program’s governance structures and forum insights to ensure the program is set up for success.

    An independent assurer is being appointed to ensure correct management across the life of the program and to assist with governance structures.

    The program will be subject to the Department of Finance’s Gateway Review Process. Often stakeholders are asked for input, so some group members may be approached for assistance.

    The CBRS needs a brand and identity distinct from the ATO. The program is working with a market research team on this.

    There are upcoming forums where the MBR program will be discussed. These are:

    • National Tax Liaison Group – 8 September
    • Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council – 22 September.

    Director ID onboarding strategy

    Martin Jacobs

    A presentation was given to share early thinking on the Director ID onboarding strategy. Topics covered included:

    • background to the policy behind Director ID
    • indicative high-level timeline
    • onboarding strategy principles
    • pathways to apply
    • managing take-up volumes
    • user testing and communication.

    There was discussion around the introduction of Director ID ahead of the introduction of the company's platform and being able to use search functionality.

    The intention is to conduct more detailed consultation sessions with members.

    Action item

    Due date

    29 September 2020


    Martin Jacobs


    Contact members to determine interest in out of session co-design workshops. Cavass for topics of interest.

    Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registry machinery of government overview

    Rosanne Bell

    The ASIC registry business will be moving to the ATO. The CBRS is the ATO’s registry arm. The approach is to promote early movement across, while changing and building its services within ATO.

    There are many components needing to be managed to ensure a smooth transition for customers and staff. Continuity of service is important.

    Relationship management with registry stakeholders will move from ASIC to the ATO. Legacy systems will remain with ASIC.

    Three priorities areas are:

    • ensuring technology continues to operate effectively
    • the seamless transition of ASIC’s revenue collection function
    • legacy technology branding, for example ASIC logos on registers.
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