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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 28 June 2022

    Welcome and introductions

    Chair, Assistant Commissioner Georgina Wade opened the meeting and welcomed attendees. No conflicts were declared.

    Program update

    An overview of engagement and communications activities over the past 12 months was provided.

    Members were thanked for their support and contribution to the program, and for raising awareness in the community.

    Director ID

    Director ID applications processed surpassed 600,000 in June 2022. Of this number approximately:

    • 89% of applications have been completed online,
    • 8% have been completed by telephone
    • 2% completed in paper.

    Of the 600,000 director ID applications processed:

    • 84% are existing directors
    • 16% are new directors.

    While directors appointed on or before 31 October 2021 have until 30 November 2022 to apply, all directors are strongly encouraged to apply now.

    The Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) continues to contact new directors identified as non-compliant and consider if a notice of direction is required. For cases that continue to show non-compliance, next steps may include the referral to Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for enforcement action.

    We are continuing to communicate and provide key messages through various forums and channels. Director identification materials are available in multiple languages on the ABRS website, More specific guidance to simplify the online application are being developed including an article in the June edition of ASIC’s InFocus e-newsletter on documentation requirements: Director ID: Tips to help your director clients get their ID onlineExternal Link.

    A new referee process form used by those unable to meet identity documentation requirements is being developed, similar to the established ATO process for issuing a TFN to those in similar circumstances.

    We are continuing to encourage individuals residing in Australia and unable to obtain a MyGovID, to apply via the telephone.

    Members discussed and suggested:

    • use real life cases such as the straw director example shared and industry specific to support promotional artefacts
    • promote the consequences of non-compliance (action item BAG–74)
    • what is the ramp-up strategy for take-up?

    Action item update

    An action item update was provided.

    Members expressed their interest in being more involved in the resolution of these items.

    Law and policy update

    Stephen Munic provided an update on the transitional legislative instruments and advised they were finalised and approved by the Registrar, registered on 21 June 2022.

    An update was provided on company legislative instruments. The approach being taken is to simplify and streamline where possible.

    An idea for the draft registration data standard is to combine both company registration and ABN registration into a single data standard. External consultation is planned to be held late July to early August 2022.

    Members discussed and suggested:

    • keen to see draft data standards and legislative instruments
    • agreed an out-of-session focus group would be advantageous
    • would like as much time as possible to consult with members about the proposed draft material.

    Companies usability testing update

    Assistant Commissioner Karen Redhead provided an overview of the usability testing process of key registry services.

    Members were advised an initial session had been held with a small group of agents to refine the process and ensure a robust testing process. User testing will involve participants working through various tasks using a clickable prototype. Prototypes of the system will show users how the system will look and behave, using mock information, not the actual system.

    A risk-based approach has been applied to identify the functions to be built as a priority for user testing.

    The first round of user testing considered ABRS agent services, with 3 more rounds to completed by end of August 2022:

    • register company
    • maintain company
    • company names and de-registration.

    Members were advised participants are able to join these sessions remotely.

    A demonstration of the ABRS agent services prototype was shared.

    Doug Wickham noted other current and upcoming initiatives that members may be interested in, including:

    • research work around the ABRS website information architecture
    • search usability testing sessions.

    Members discussed and suggested:

    • an opportunity to see how the Verne product works
    • willingness to suggest themselves/members to be part of the user testing regime
    • keen to see the concept of what is being tested and provide insights before the design lands– what is the testing timeframe?
    • who has access to functions and when?

    Members were advised findings from usability testing sessions will be shared.

    Wrap up and close

    Georgina Wade thanked members and attendees for their contributions.

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