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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 29 June 2020

    Welcome and introductions

    Lainie Alexander opened the meeting and assisted the Chair, Mary Arrowsmith, as co-chair Rosanne Bell was an apology.

    Program update

    Primary legislation was granted Royal Assent on 22 June 2020. Additional processes to occur include:

    • drafting of necessary regulation amendments
    • drafting of data standards and disclosure framework
    • changes to inter-governmental agreements with the states and territories, as they are required to support some aspects of program administration.

    The ATO entered into a contract with Foster Moore for their commercially available registry product, 'Catalyst’.

    Other engagement groups will recommence meetings and additional groups will be established.

    Action items update

    Lainie Alexander reviewed the ‘Action items register’ and agreed to close all items following the meeting.

    In relation to BAG-01, members will be updated on related program initiatives as needed.


    • Provide members with a link to the ATO website’s Consultation page.
    • Provide members with a high-level timeline of the program.

    Legislative instruments

    Information was provided on the process for creating a legislative instrument. The standard public consultation period is four weeks.

    There was discussion on the level of detail that should be included in a legislative instrument. Members were interested in sub-group discussions to discuss this topic further.

    A data standard is needed for each piece of legislation to be administered by the Registrar. The disclosure framework will consider the risks versus the benefits of data being made publicly available. Extensive consideration is being given as to what the disclosure framework will look like.

    The program is working with Data61 to ensure compatibility with consumer data right (CDR) regulation.

    Follow up is needed on whether any work is being done with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).


    • Sub-groups organised to provide members an opportunity to participate in out of session discussions on legislative instruments.
    • Follow up on what the MBR program is doing to ensure compatibility with CDR regulation. Is work being done with the ACCC?


    The ATO was tasked with building myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) under the broader ‘digital identity program’, which is driven by the Digital Transformation Agency. Information was given about myGovID and RAM.

    Statistics on myGovID were presented. The uptake of myGovID has been significant and above expectations.

    Information was given on issues around name matching rules for myGovID and overseas registrants.

    Discussion around the needs of software developers in relation to being able to identify Director IDs without a myGovID.

    Engagement groups

    The Design Working Group (DWG) is being relaunched to engage with Digital Service Providers. The DWG will report to the BAG.

    A Government Information Group is being established, which will also report to the BAG.


    • Provide members with a matrix of our external engagement groups and their members.

    Other business

    Members need visibility of engagement groups in relation to timing and topics to be discussed.


    • Provide members with a forward plan on what is coming up and future agenda items.
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