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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 29 October 2020

    Welcome and introductions

    Rosanne Bell opened the meeting as Chair and apologies were noted.

    Action items update

    • BAG–24 – outcomes to be sent to members out of session. If members have questions these can be responded to at the next meeting.
    • BAG–25 – closed as being responded to at Treasury update.
    • BAG–26 – feedback sent to Treasury to be noted, considered and incorporated.

    Program update

    Government have made a budget announcement to support the MBR Program across several Federal Government agencies.

    Still awaiting ministerial consideration of proposed new registry system branding.

    Program governance structures are being refined to maximise delivery capability going forward.

    Department of Finance external gateway review may seek to contact members of this forum for feedback.

    Additional user research for information availability for the MBR platform is underway.

    ATO Commissioner is fully supportive of the Program and sees it as a key opportunity to support the Australian business community.

    Design Working Group update

    Focus group formed to develop a position paper for Program authentication solution.

    Protocols and formats for the program have been consulted on within the group.

    Forward plan of working group discussions presented for members reference.

    The Government’s digital business plan prioritises both the Digital Identity plan, including the Director ID, as well as the MyGovID.

    Treasury update

    The Government is looking to maximise gains made by the private sector in its digital transformation.

    Currently looking into how the COVID-19 crisis has changed the digital economy.

    The Government has not yet made a decision about whether Director IDs will be public or private.

    The Director ID is not intended to be used as a credential, but as a proof of identity verification.

    Action Item

    Action item


    Due date

    14 December 2020


    Lainie Alexander

    Action item details

    Working group options to be considered to engage with Treasury on Director ID personal detail availability.

    Business Dashboard

    Early iteration of the MBR Business Dashboard retail design experience prototype was demonstrated to members to seek feedback for further development.

    Discussions with operators of other Government platforms such as on interoperability yet to take place; BAG members requested to provide feedback on how they believe that should operate.

    MBR Business Dashboard will operate separate to the ATO as legally the ATO and registry are separate.

    The ATO is not seeking to move away from APIs; however, retail options will remain.

    Other business

    The Government’s drive for Modernising Business Communications is now looking at Commonwealth and state laws to ensure that Australian’s can engage with government and each other using digital communication.

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