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  • Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group key messages 30 July 2020

    Welcome and introductions

    Rosanne Bell opened the meeting as the Chair. Co-chair Mary Arrowsmith was an apology.

    Action items update

    BAG–19 – expected to be addressed as part of the ‘Program update’ and closed following the meeting.

    BAG–20 – agreed to close as nominations for sub-groups have been received.

    BAG–21 – Naomi Westwood provided information to address the relevance of the ACCC’s consumer data right regulation (CDR) to the MBR program. It was advised that as the program is not in competition, nor a holder of consumer data, CDR regulation does not apply.

    It was agreed to keep this item open as a member will submit to the Secretariat some issues for consideration. Closure of BAG-21 is pending assessment of the information provided.

    BAG–22 – members were provided a draft matrix and were invited to provide feedback. We will close this agenda item and provide each quarter to the group (or if there is a significant change).

    BAG–23 – the program is planning future agenda items. Rosanne agreed to put her name to this item as Chair.

    Program update

    Rosanne Bell.

    Discussed high level milestones and the ‘tranche’ approach to delivery. Explanation was given around the interdependence of the tranches and releases.

    The definition of ‘live’ was discussed. The program is intending to align the launch of the Director ID API offering with the retail offering. This would be dependent on how the program progresses with design discussions with developers, noting there is a key dependency on the development of new authentication services for digital service providers (DSPs).

    The company registry transformation will occur in one release. There will be consultation on the company transition work in the coming weeks and the program will be working with DSPs through the Design Working Group (DWG). The company transition process will be structured and planned, so companies have a consistent experience.

    There will be presentations to Tax Practitioners Stewardship Group and Small Business Stewardship Group in August.

    Consultation in relation to Director ID onboarding is about to commence. There will be an agenda item on this at the next BAG meeting.

    The program is starting market research in relation to names and branding.

    Separability of the Registrar and Commissioner of Taxation powers

    Naomi Westwood

    A high-level overview was given on the separability of powers.

    From the Registrar’s point of view the ATO would be considered as another agency, the same as any agency needing to access registry data.

    A question was raised about the external scrutineer that would have oversight the Registrar.

    Application of the disclosure framework

    Adam Bogiatzis and Stefan Olofsson

    There are two legislative instruments – data Standards and disclosure framework. Information was provided on the process of creating a legislative instrument and the disallowance process.

    The core principle and what the program wants to take advantage of is data sharing. In their role, the Registrar will be able to look at the risks and benefits of disclosure.

    A member mentioned there was a detailed workshop on this topic and recommended the notes from these discussions might be helpful.

    For ACTION – Treasury to review notes from previous workshop discussions.

    Overview of ASIC in-scope registers

    Rosanne Bell and Rob Hayes

    Rosanne provided ASIC statistics in relation to registration, lodgement, client interactions, compliance activity and data quality. Of note is a significant increase in searches.

    There is a ‘registry stabilisation’ program underway to keep ASIC’s systems running until modernisation.

    Rob Hayes provided context around the drive for modernisation. The two key drivers are the age of ASIC systems and the approach to move people to online interaction.

    It was acknowledged that the relationship with DSPs is important because of the interdependence between DSPs and their clients.

    Director ID numbering approach

    Tammy Gardner

    A presentation was given on the proposed numbering regime and a Director ID identifier.

    There was discussion on the Director ID and its proposed length and number structure. Of interest to members was whether an alpha character would be included in the Director ID and appropriate number grouping to avoid resemblance of numbers on other products, such as credit cards.

    There was discussion on international best practice for numbers and creating an ISO standard number.

    For ACTION – Report back to the group on investigations into numbers following international standards.

    For ACTION – Report back to the group on the considerations for making Director IDs public information.

    Other business

    Rosanne Bell,

    Feedback was sought on future agenda items. The following topics were of interest:

    • a demonstration of the Catalyst registry product
    • outcomes from the upcoming DWG meeting
    • an overview of issues related to transitioning resources and functions from ASIC to the ATO and how customers might be impacted
    • registry authentication
    • higher level specifications.
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