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  • Superannuation Administration Group key messages 13 October 2020

    Larissa Evans opened the meeting with the acknowledgment to country and welcomed those in attendance.

    Budget 2020

    Larissa Evans provided a debrief on the Budget 2020 announcements.

    The Your Future, Your Super measure was announced. This package includes bringing several elements together such as:

    • Creating the YourSuper portal to help employees choose between MySuper products. This tool will be built and delivered by the ATO.
    • Stapling accounts to members to avoid creating multiple unwanted accounts.
    • Assessment of fund performance by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) which will provide information to members via the YourSuper portal.
    • Increased accountability and transparency regarding the new financial interest requirements.

    There may be elements arise that will have an administrative role, for example when an underperforming fund is unable to accept new members, however the YourSuper portal is primarily an employer and employee focussed tool.

    The Reuniting More Super policy was noted in the Budget paper, however there is no confirmation of the commencement date and remains subject to the government's legislative agenda.

    The Superannuation Administration Group (SAG) will be kept informed of the progress of these measures.

    Early release of super update

    Reece Parry provided an update on the COVID-19 Early Release of Super (ERS) arrangements for end of year processing and presented draft messaging for the ATO Online form help aside text to members for feedback.

    The ATO is finalising arrangements for end of year processing during the Christmas / New Year shutdown period. The final arrangements will be communicated to industry shortly.

    The ATO will have skeleton staff available to take phone calls from clients who are not able to complete their application online or who may need a linking code to access MyGov during the shutdown period. This will be on all non-public holiday days.

    The ATO will send files to funds on 24 December which will include applications up to 22 December. Additional information data files will also be provided to funds on 24 December.

    Based on feedback provided by members on the draft ATO Online form messaging the ATO will look at:

    • updating the messaging in line with the feedback provided
    • how to bring the help aside information to the attention of the individual applying during the shutdown period
    • making the application process information box on the landing page more prominent and include messaging around potential delays
    • investigate the option to include a link for funds to direct their members for further information.

    A communications package will be prepared to support the shutdown arrangements, including web content, social media messaging and content in the ATO Online COVID-19 ERS form. This will be shared with members once the end of year approach is determined.

    Rollovers v3 update

    Ian Morgan provided an update on SuperStream rollovers version 3 (including SMSFs rollovers and electronic release authorities).

    The following artefacts are currently with the co-design group for review and feedback:

    • Rollover Version 3 User Guide
    • FVS User Guide
    • ATO Rollover Testing and Production Cutover Guide
    • ATO Rollover Version 3 Cutover Scenarios
    • ATO Rollover Version 3 Conformance Testing Guide.

    The following artefacts are ready for final endorsement by the co-design group at the next meeting on 19 October:

    • Schedule 4b – Rollover Message Implementation Guide
    • Schedule 6 – Error Code Management
    • B2B Rollover Production Readiness Notification
    • G2B Rollover Production Readiness Notification.

    The ATO is in the final stages of updating the SMSF Verification Service and SMSF Member TICK business implementation guides.

    A summary of all the documents/deliverables for the build, implementation testing and transition of version 3 of the rollover standard has been developed to keep the co-design group updated on the progress.

    The ATO has received responses from large Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) funds to the readiness template and has worked with the Gateway Network Governance Body Ltd to establish gateway readiness.

    The ATO is close to finalising arrangements for a webpage to publish information and documentation relevant to rollovers V3.

    It was suggested that issuing a Client Relationship Team (CRT) Alert to support the release of the webpage would be welcomed to ensure broader reach and engagement across industry.

    The ATO confirmed they will be updating NAT 74662-6.2017 – Completing a rollover to a SMSF – to combine this with the request to complete a rollover to an APRA fund into one new approved form.

    Unclaimed super money reporting and proactive consolidation

    Alastair Ramsay provided an update on unclaimed super money (USM) and Proactive Consolidation processing.

    USM lodgments are flowing through the system with over 70 funds having commenced or completed their USM reporting for this period. Volumes are expected to increase in the lead up to the 31 October deadline.

    A Super News article has issued advising industry the ATO will be stopping payments where there is a payment reference number (PRN) that has been used by a sender in the last 12 months so that file can be corrected.

    Unlike the first Protecting Your Super USM reporting and payment period, where proactive consolidation commenced for the first time post 31 October 2019, proactive consolidation will continue to run on its weekly aggregation cadence.

    ATO client relationship managers will be contacting their key clients once the data is available to provide notification of volumes of proactive consolidation. This will commence from Friday 16 October and continue for a few weeks as we monitor the peak period.

    SuperMatch V9 reconnection campaign update

    Shane Moore provided an update on the current SuperMatch V9 campaign.

    The ATO has received over 35 applications to re-connect to SuperMatch, representing 35% of trustees who had previously used SuperMatch prior to the service being turned off. Over half of these applications have been approved with these trustees now using SuperMatch.

    Funds were reminded to:

    • disclose the full results of a SuperMatch request to members. This includes where there is a negative response for a label.
    • distinguish the two different types of consent – to use a tax file number (TFN) to search and using a TFN to claim ATO-held super
    • provide a complete supply chain to the ATO to ensure a complete assessment on how SuperMatch is being used
    • remain vigilant in the monitoring of system use once access has been re-established
    • not send transactions through any automated connections with other Digital Service Provider solutions until that approval is received.

    Once an application is received, the ATO issues an acknowledgment email to trustees to notify receipt of the application. It has been identified that some applications have been blocked at the senders or receivers gateway.

    Files sent to the ATO that are password protected will be rejected by the ATO gateway. Data Transfer Facility is an option rather than email. If funds don’t receive an acknowledgment email, they should contact the ATO.

    Once applications are approved the ATO will issue an approval email and reinstate access to the SuperMatch service from the date of approval.

    The ATO will undertake regular check-ins with trustees once they start re-using the service and monitoring their use to ensure it complies with approvals.

    It was noted the importance of retaining a focus on risk management and identification, not only securing the monetary value moving through the system but also member information.

    Online services for business project

    Andrew Watson and Kim Dimmick provided an overview of the Online services for business project.

    Online services for business will replace the Business Portal and the electronic superannuation audit tool (eSAT).

    Online services for business will deliver features already available to existing Business Portal and eSAT users as well as introducing new functionality, for example payment plans, maintaining credit card details and lodgment history.

    Seventy-five percent of Online services for business functionality has gone live. A private beta commenced from 6 October 2020, including representatives from the superannuation industry, to help gather feedback, shape the ongoing development of the service, and inform the decision to progress to public beta.

    SAG members were provided with a demonstration of the service, highlighting several new features including the ability to:

    • view and print tax returns and income tax history
    • create payment plans
    • switch between multiple entities with a single login
    • customise the homepage to access quick links to frequently used features
    • access additional secure mail topics
    • lodge Audit Contravention Reports
    • lodge bulk Audit Complete Advices.

    Fund engagement updates

    Alastair Ramsay, Bill Korras and Rod Moreland provided an update on fund engagement initiatives.

    The next edition of the client experience survey will be released in November 2020. The survey responses help guide the ATO where improvements can be made to the client experience. Members are encouraged to complete the survey.

    Members provided feedback to ensure the survey is clearly highlighted as official ATO correspondence. The ATO will issue a CRT alert and Super News article to support the release of the survey.

    Since the last SAG meeting in August, news articles have issued on:

    • updates to lost member reporting
    • new process to suspend USM reports with PRN issues
    • increase membership for SMSFs from four to six members
    • the improved flexibility for older Australians measure
    • death benefit rollovers reporting.

    Rod Moreland provided an update on the new super fund enquiry service.

    Options to provide a new platform to manage fund enquiries and requests that come through SuperCRT is currently being considered.

    An overview of the fund experience for the service is being prepared which will look at the log-in process for initial and subsequent users, improvements to lodging and maintaining visibility on requests and the benefits from those changes. The SAG will be kept updated on the progress.

    Other business and close

    Larissa Evans advised members the member account attribute service (MAAS) / member account transaction service (MATS) summary report is being prepared. The summary will take a similar approach to the one completed last year with the intent to provide general insight into volumes and events for information purposes only. The report will be shared with members once finalised.

    Members raised the issue of false duplicate MAAS accounts and the need to ensure good data quality moving forward.

    Data quality is a broader focus, particularly in response to the announced budget measures. The ATO will consider the data quality impacts for the new Your Future, Your Super measure further.

    The development of the Operational Performance Report has been on hold due to COVID-19, however, will recommence in the coming weeks through the established co-design working group. The report is being designed to track fund performance on a range of reporting and payment obligations.

    Larissa thanked members for their attendance and contributions.

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