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  • Activity Statement Financial Processing working group key messages June 2019

    The Activity Statement Financial Processing (ASFP) working group continued to meet weekly to discuss elements of the project that will impact on the client and tax practitioner experience.

    Members were provided with an overview of Payment Receivables Management (PRM) post ASFP. PRM will replace the existing separate analytical models that operate on the current ATO systems. The models select which debts to action and the best treatment strategy for that taxpayer based on risk and previous compliance history.

    Members were updated on the ongoing alignment work to ensure that other project(s) progressing across the ATO in similar timeframes as ASPF won’t result in unexpected or unintended client and staff experience impacts.

    The group discussed the external communication approach for tax professionals and key external stakeholders in the lead up to the deployment.

    Members were updated on the testing assurance and suite of tests being conducted to provide assurance that the changes being implemented as part of ASFP will provide the right outcomes for the ATO and the community.

    The group agreed to suspend weekly meetings during July and recomence fortnightly meetings in August.

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