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  • BASAAG minutes 31 August 2018

    Meeting details


    Via telepresence in various ATO office locations


    31 August 2018


    9:30am AEST


    3:00pm AEST


    Colin Walker


    Sue Hassiotis

    Contact Phone

    08 7422 2058

    Attendee List

    Colin Walker

    Assistant Commissioner, Intermediaries and Lodgment

    Debbie Atwell

    Director, Intermediaries and Lodgment

    Matthew Addison

    Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

    Rochelle Park

    Association of Accounting Technicians

    John Birse

    Tax Professional, Task Force Training

    Keith Clissold

    Tax Professional, Metropolitan Taxation Services

    Tony Greco

    Institute of Public Accountants

    Martine Joly

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

    Cate Kemp

    Tax Professional, Small Business Financial Ops (SBFO)

    Suzy Komuczki

    Tax Professional, Office Oracle

    Darren McMahon

    Tax Professional, Dardee Pty Ltd

    Russell Smith

    Tax Professional, Carruss Consultants

    Kerrie Jarius

    Australian Bookkeepers Association Ltd

    Peter Thorp

    Australian Bookkeepers Association Ltd

    Ian Taylor

    Chairperson, Tax Practitioners Board

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