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  • Cyber Security Stakeholder Group key messages September 2018

    The Cyber Security Stakeholder Group meeting was held on 24 September 2018.

    The information below is a summary of topics discussed at the meeting.


    The Cyber Security Stakeholder Group has expanded, with members of the superannuation sector joining. This will allow a further reach, and consolidated effort, in combatting cyber security issues within Australia.

    ATO's monitoring capability of cyber security incidents

    Information was provided to members around the maturing of ATO's Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) monitoring capability.

    By adopting new technology and increasing the use of security networks with other Government and Non-Government Organisations to share intelligence we will see improved cyber incident detection and response capabilities.

    Cyber Security Update from the ACSC

    The ACSC was relaunched in August 2018, and includes membership and support from State and Federal Government, and non-government organisations. The ACSC:

    • Aims to minimise harm in cyber issues, in addition to responding to cyber security threats and incidents.
    • Provides and responds to information and intelligence from global partners, and has the capability to monitor on a 24/7 basis - providing timely warnings to stakeholders to aid in disruption of cyber security incidents.
    • Provides a range of support options for its members, including its monitoring capabilities, and a physical place to meet and discuss cyber security issues with their counterparts.
    • The ACSC has seen a rise in phishing, business compromise emails, ACSC impersonation scams, and fake government websites.
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