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  • Dispute Resolution Working Group key messages 31 October 2019

    Small Business Independent Review (SBIR) Pilot

    The Dispute Resolution Working Group (DRWG) were advised that the SBIR Pilot which commenced on 1 July 2018 has been extended by 18 months to 31 December 2020.

    Review of Large Market Independent Review (LMIR)

    An overview of the key features of the Independent Review service was provided to the DRWG. The DRWG members provided feedback on their experience with LMIR which will form part of the review of the LMIR service being undertaken by Review and Dispute Resolution (RDR). DRWG members were invited to provide any additional comments to RDR for consideration in the review.

    Small Business and Individuals Objections

    Developments in Small Business and Individuals Objections were presented to the DRWG members. This included a discussion on the new initiative around triaging cases and allocating to teams based on complexity and priority. DRWG members were invited to provide feedback on this new process.

    Action item

    Action item

    Discuss outcomes of the LMIR review to the DRWG

    Due date

    June  2020


    Leila Salem

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