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  • 6 April 2018

    The SuperStream Reference Group meeting was held on Friday 6 April 2018 via telepresence.

    A summary of topics discussed is provided below.

    Membership and Terms of Reference review

    • Jason Lucchese, Assistant Commissioner, Superannuation ATO noted the review of the membership conducted in early 2018 and confirmed the following:        
      • new member Trevor Govender from SunSuper
      • conclusion of membership for Fiona Galbraith (ASFA), John Finnin (MYOB), Stevhan Davidson (SunSuper) and John Dow (APRA).
    • James O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner, Superannuation ATO noted that although the group will focus on other ATO led programs related to the data standard we want to ensure that the remaining SuperStream deliverables receive appropriate attention.
    • The Terms of Reference were also reviewed by the members, the key changes include:        
      • refreshing the purpose to focus not just on implementation of the changes but also on ongoing governance of the standard
      • updating the scope to include monitoring the implementations and operations for current ATO led programs, as well future changes where they relate to the standard.
    • Meetings will continue in 2018 on a quarterly basis using telepresence facilities however we will hold ad hoc meetings where necessary.

    SuperStream New Payment Platform (NPP) update

    • Jason Lucchese noted that since the December SSRG meeting, further conversations have been held with New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) and a working group with industry representatives established. The focus for the past few months has been to consider the impact of NPP on the standard and develop some initial guidance.
    • It is important to note the full extent and impacts need to further explored and understood by the ATO. The ATO will continue working with NPPA in order to gain a better understanding of the technical details that will help progress our position and the development of the operational guidance.
    • Ty Winmill presented the draft guidance paper and highlighted that Schedule 3 - Data and Payments Standards – Payment methods will not be updated at this time. Ty also outlined next steps for the guidance note; sharing with NPPA, the SuperStream Technical Committee (SSTC) NPP working group, SSTC and then bringing it back to the SRRG for approval.
    • The group unanimously agreed with the approach to progress the guidance paper. They also confirmed that we don’t want to rush this nor disrupt SuperStream but the worst outcome would be if a non-standardised solution starts operating for Superannuation.
    • Members agreed to overlay some governance around this guidance, including a six month review clause and undertaking some qualitative evaluation.

    System performance improvements

    • Matt Hay provided a verbal update on system performance, capacity and testing in preparations for event-based reporting.
    • At the October 2017 SSRG the ATO flagged the delivery of a number of enhancements across the SBR2 Gold platform. We have now deployed three enhancements; two are related to performance improvements and one to address a single point of failure on the platform around file handling and file sharing which is to be deployed 7-8 April. Further enhancements are scheduled as part of the quarter two release and these will introduce new queuing capabilities that improve the way we handle bulk traffic.
    • In relation to file sizes and testing of throughput around Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) files, that is part of the 7-8 April release, it was confirmed that:        
      • Pre-July we will be processing a single 10,000 file. We know in this period there will be limited activity scheduled from funds and none appear to be adopting a large batch size.
      • Post-July we will be scaling up to large files of 100,000 in line with when the majority of funds are onboarding
      • Testing of a single 10,000 file processing end-to-end elapsed time is around 43 minutes and testing continues on multiple files (50x10,000 files) currently elapsed time end-to-end processing is around 17.5 hours. We are continuing to tune and run tests including looking at multi-threading and should see some further improvements.
    • Matt confirmed that the ATO will put something in place in a pre-production environment to run the files and provide a response that ensures compliant messaging prior to production.

    Reporting to Government transformation: MAAS and MATS implementation and onboarding

    • Jason Lucchese noted that we are now in the final stages of Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) design and we also have a very clear view in terms of the pattern for onboarding funds and administrators for both MAAS and Member Account Transaction Service (MATS). There has been a series of CRT alerts and products released in the last few weeks to provide further advice around the requirements and support available to ensure a positive onboarding experience. We have also commenced weekly communications that include a dashboard report that will provide key messages, status of onboarding and what’s coming next.
    • Tracie Crowden updated members on the final design aspects of MAAS and MATS:        
      • once industry provide their MAAS foundation data we will undertake a reconciliation against what is on the ATO database and this may require some clean up activity.
      • successor fund transfer remediation in place with some data fixes, should be able to close this out quickly.
      • in regards to capturing the 'Account Opened Date' some work is needed where the fund is unable to provide the original start date.
      • remediation work in moving from two account identifier in MCS for those who have lodged TBAR for total super balance purposes. We only have 75,000 duplicates where this could be an issue for both 2016–17 and 2017–18 and it won’t be an issue when we move fully to MATS. Impact on the member is a visual one. Funds are being advised of these members and we are working with funds to resolve it. There are seven scenarios and several solutions to be worked through.
    • The law that underpins that change, specifically MAAS legislative instrument was registered and published online Friday 6 April. Meanwhile version 2 of the Foundation Data Handbook, the final version of the Business Implementation Guide (BIG) and Terms and Conditions of using the service have been published. Work is also progressing on the legislative instruments underpinning the MATS service.
    • Hans van Daatselaar stated that this been an excellent collaborative process and congratulated the team on the significant work undertaken so far. Sacha Vidler echoed the sentiments.
    • Annette Thurbon reminded members that the deployment of the 2018 Q1 system release including the MAAS functionality was deferred to the weekend of 7-8 April. Various onboarding documents and support products have been released including the checklist and onboarding approach.
    • We are looking at one fund deploying in April with around 20 over May and June. We are working closely with these early adopters. The early adopters are currently preparing foundation data samples and confirming with digital service providers on the status of their readiness. The expected peak onboarding period for MAAS is between August and October 2018 and for MATS is between November 2018 and February 2019.
    • The Transaction Services Working Group will continue beyond the design phase. The next meeting will be held on 12 April 2018 and to provide an update on where we are at with regards to system deployment, outstanding design issues and onboarding and foundation data.
    • James O’Halloran noted that it would seem sensible to use this trusted forum to discuss learnings from the early adopters ahead of the next funds onboarding. We just need to ensure we have the right membership in the group.

    Small Business Superannuation Clearing House update

    • Debbie Rawlings provided an update on the transition of the Clearing House from DHS to ATO. The transition occurred on 26 March 2018 and since then there have been implementation issues that the ATO has been working to address.
    • James O’Halloran noted that we haven’t conducted a review yet as we have been focused on fixing the issues and we are honing in on what the issues are and whether they are design or architecture.
    • We are also focused on the next quarterly Super Guarantee date of 28 April 2018. While we still have approximately 60,000 small businesses with no AUSkey or ABN connect, we are continuing to make direct contact with employers and encouraging them not to wait until 28 April to get authentication credentials. We are also working closely with the Tax and BAS agent community to seek their assistance.
    • Sacha Vidler noted APRA was happy to support the messages that were sent out in recent weeks and the level of concern expressed to APRA has not been significant.

    Governance Network Governance Body update

    • Sarah O’Brien provided an update to members on the current position of the Governance Network Governance Body (GNGB) noting the GNGB is staying engaged on Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH) issues and watching MAAS/MATS volumes and ATO responsiveness on an ongoing basis.
    • In regards to funding, post 1 July the GNGB will be funded 85 percent by an allocation from the APRA levy and 15 percent by annual fee levy on gateway providers. The legislative amendment to allow the allocation from the APRA levy passed last week and the finalisation of the agreement between the GNSB and the ATO is almost complete. The annual fee payment paid by the gateway providers is a tiered model based on transaction volumes of the previous year. This is being finalised and the invoices will be sent out late April for payment in the new financial year. The gateways are accepting of the fees and are well engaged.
    • Jason Lucchese will be attending the GNGB Board meetings as an ATO observer and we also have representatives attending the Gateway Operators meeting.
    • The GNGB are running an annual IT security audit process. The first independently audited report was due 31 December 2017. The GNGB is still working through the report, early indication is that generally there is still some work to be done by a couple of gateways to bring everything up to expectations but there are no situations where there are breaches or threats to the network.
    • Sarah O'Brien commented on timing of the IT security audit process and the ATO Operational Framework process which have been developed at the same time. It is a double up for some gateways, the GNGB are working with the ATO Operational Framework team to streamline and align the processes where possible.
    • James O’Halloran noted that the Operational Framework is set up with a particular risk for ATO APIs, while there is a correlation between these activities the ATO may have a view that you don’t want to have levelling that takes away from the important risk management approach for the ATO.

    Tabled papers

    • Draft Superannuation Changes - Industry Roadmap (April 2018) – an updated draft roadmap has been prepared; with a new one page A3 format. This is circulated for feedback ahead of release in late April. Any feedback can be sent to the secretariat over the next couple of weeks.
    • SuperStream Benchmarking Report (SRF711.0) – both the 2016–17 Annual report and the 2017 September Quarterly report have been sent to members, these are now being published on Of note:        
      • in the 2016–17 annual report the average costs have declined from the total average cost of $1.21 in 2015–16 to an average cost of $1.07 in 2016–17, a decline of 14 cents. Cost savings are starting to level out across all funds, however Retail funds are still seeing some downward movements in costs.
      • in the 2017 September quarterly report all ‘conforming’ transactions represent a combined 93.9 percent of all volumes, with channel A transactions increasing to 74.6 percent compared to the previous quarter of 71.7 percent. Channel B transactions have declined to 19.3 percent compared to the previous quarter of 22.2 percent. Non-conforming contributions in Channel C (including exempt funds) have remained steady at 6.1 percent
      • we have received the December Quarterly data and are looking to prepare and publish the next quarterly report in May 2018.
      • the ATO intends to continue to report in this format until June 2019. At the moment there is no strong case to continue this reporting past this date.
    • SuperStream implementation report card – there has been shift in the report card to distinguish between completed deliverables and remaining deliverables. James noted that the report card is an important and transparent document.

    Action item update

    Action item


    Due date

    Tuesday 18 September 2018


    Ty Winmill, Director, SuperStream Delivery

    Bring New Payment Platform guidance and approach to September SSRG


    Action item


    Due date

    Friday 13 April 2018


    Matt Hay, Deputy Commissioner, EST

    Matt Hay to provide a paper regarding the system performance and testing


    Organisation and role


    Executive Manager, Policy and Research - AIST

    David Haynes

    Executive Officer - ASFA

    Hans van Daatselaar

    Group General Manager, Corporate Development - IOOF

    Julie Orr

    Principal Business Analyst - Class

    Mike Denniss

    General Manager, Scheme Administration - CSC

    Philip George

    Superannuation Specialist, Industry & Technical Services - APRA

    Sacha Vidler

    Executive Officer - Gateway Network Governance Body

    Sarah O’Brien

    Assistant Commissioner, SuperStream Delivery - ATO

    Jason Lucchese

    Deputy Commissioner, Enterprise Capabilities - ATO

    Matt Hay

    Additional attendees

    Assistant Commissioner, Employer & Individual Client Engagement - ATO

    Debbie Rawlings

    Director, Readiness Implementation - ATO

    Annette Thurbon

    Director, Reporting to Government Design - ATO

    Tracie Crowden

    Director, Data Standards and Service Unit - ATO

    Ty Winmill

    Director, SuperStream Governance - ATO

    Sheridan Harvey




    General Manager - Link Group

    Graham Sammells

    Associate Director, Workplace Relations - ACCI

    Dick Grozier

    Director, Global Transaction Services - Westpac

    Emma Dobson

    Head of Customer Service - SunSuper

    Trevor Govender


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