9. Risk Differentiation Framework (RDF) 2014 and beyond

  • Malcolm Allen provided members with an overview of the 2014 RDF strategy, highlighting the key changes to the process and the letters that will issue to key taxpayers. These changes are in line with the ATO’s transformation program to improve the client experience.
  • Key changes to the process include:
    • Improving the transparency of the process
    • Offering more tailored services for key taxpayers
    • Reducing the number of large taxpayers who we notify of their risk rating: for income tax we will no longer notify lower consequence taxpayers of their risk category; for GST and excise the overall number of clients notified overall will be reduced
  • Key changes to the letter include:
    • Letters are briefer and are focused on the relationship and the risk, and will be grouped for each tax product, eg. GST, income tax, excise, Petroleum Resource Rent Tax
    • Informing taxpayers of our view of the key risks or concerns we have and what we do about it together in the coming year
    • The RDF fact sheet will be offered electronically rather than included with the letter
  • Members were invited to provide any feedback on the draft letters and any potential service offerings to large market taxpayers to the LBLG Secretariat.
    Last modified: 21 Nov 2014QC 43202