• 1. Welcome, minutes and action items

    The meeting commenced at 10:00am.

    The Meeting Chair, Deputy Commissioner, Private Groups and High Wealth Individuals, Michael Cranston, opened the meeting and welcomed all members and participants.

    Michael welcomed the following new LBLG members:

    • Pero Stojanovski – Senior Economist, Business Council of Australia – Pero has replaced former LBLG member Peter Crone as the BCA representative on LBLG.
    • Megan Yong – Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Business Management and Operations, Public Groups and International.

    Apologies were received from the following members:

    • Michael Johnston – Finance Director, Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd, ‘G100’ representative
    • David Watkins – Partner, National Tax, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
    • Paul Hooper – Group Head of Tax, Lend Lease

    The draft minutes from the 2 April 2014 meeting were sent to members on 24 June 2014 for information and comment.

    There were no changes to the draft minutes. The minutes were accepted as final.


    Action item register

    There is one action item on the register from the 2 April 2014 meeting which is completed:

    Action Item 1 – 01-020414

    Establish a small working group of external participants to review the PCR process.

    Comment: following the 2 April 2014 meeting, a joint CTA/ATO PCR Working Group was established. The Working Group met on 28 May 2014 and agreed on a statement of intent and principles for reshaping the PCR product.

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