4. Advance Pricing Arrangements

  • Mark Konza provided members with information on the take-up of Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs). Details include:
    • 171 APAs were in operation as at 30 June 2014
    • During 2013-14 :
      • 37 agreements were reached: 26 unilateral and 11 bilateral
      • 9 applications were declined or deferred
      • 1 application was withdrawn
    • Almost 80% of cases saw agreement reached
  • Mark informed members that APA procedures will be reviewed over the next year building on the lessons from early engagement for private rulings. The new guidelines will be principles-based and will emphasise the role of early engagement and ongoing management during the application process. Consultation on the new guidelines will commence soon.
  • The Commissioner confirmed the ATO’s ongoing commitment to the APA program.


Action item No.1


Agenda item

LBLG meeting – 11 August 2014

Agenda topic

Advance Pricing Arrangements

Action item

Report to LBLG members at a future meeting on the APA consultation process and outcomes.


Mark Konza, Deputy Commissioner, Public Groups and International

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