• 6. Pre-lodgment Compliance Review Process - Update

    • Jeff Stevenson updated members on the progress of the reinvention of the Pre-lodgment Compliance Review (PCR) process. At the 2 April 2014 LBLG meeting, a workshop was conducted on this compliance product. It was agreed that the ATO would continue to work with a small group of LBLG members to review the PCR process and develop a more principles-based approach. Following a workshop in May, a high level design was developed and tested with workshop participants and other stakeholders. Some changes have been proposed as a result of internal and external feedback received.
    • Jeff outlined the high level design to members and highlighted a number of case studies to demonstrate positive outcomes that are being obtained from PCRs. Jeff also informed members of the plan to implement the new approach to PCRs, including internal and external communications, revision of ATO guidance material, assurance through feedback and staff skilling workshops.
    • LBLG members suggested some additional implementation considerations which will be explored further, including using channels available through the Corporate Tax Association (CTA). Members were generally supportive of the work to date and agreed that another workshop was necessary to finalise some of the detailed design of the new approach. It was also agreed that face-to-face meetings will be held between the ATO and corporate groups to explain and promote the new approach.
    • The timeframe for next steps is as follows:
      • Next ATO/LBLG workshop – early September 2014
      • Develop joint skilling pilot session with CTA – September/October 2014
      • Update PCR Framework Guide – September/October 2014
      • Update ATO guidance material – September 2014

    No. 2

    Action item No.2


    Agenda item

    LBLG meeting – 11 August 2014

    Agenda topic

    Pre-lodgment Compliance Review process - Update

    Action item

    Report to LBLG members at future meetings the results of Client Feedback Questionnaires on the implementation of the new PCR approach.


    Jeff Stevenson, Assistant Commissioner, Public Groups and International

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