• 9. Large Business Liaison Group (LBLG) – 2014 and beyond

    Shane Reardon sought members view on the transition of the LBLG to a stewardship committee with particular focus on membership, rotation of chairing responsibilities, agenda setting, the draft LBLG Protocol and other improvements. He reiterated the Commissioner’s agenda of reform in the ATO including the review of our consultative arrangements and the positioning of the LBLG as a stewardship committee. He said the ATO wishes to continue to involve LBLG members in our reform initiatives.

    James O’Halloran added that all LBLG members have a responsibility to shape discussions in this forum and the goodwill of all members will ensure the LBLG is a dynamic and viable forum.

    The CTA suggested the establishment of a formalised cooperative agenda setting process to ensure external members participate in this process and that issues of interest to the large market are raised. It offered to coordinate the agenda setting meetings with LBLG members.

    Other members made the following comments/suggestions:

    although the LBLG was not necessarily the forum to raise technical issues, such issues could be discussed and debated at an early stage and subsequently brought back to the LBLG before they are progressed and formalised

    the LBLG could be setting the strategic framework on large market initiatives and then reviewing the progress of these at future meetings

    membership numbers and the balance of market segments and industry representation on the LBLG is about right

    co-chairing of meetings between ATO members and external members was supported.

    Shane invited members to provide any other feedback or suggestions about the LBLG to the LBLG Secretariat.

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