• 2. Changes to medium and large income tax compliance lines

    Shane Reardon outlined to members our early observations of our new approach of using ownership arrangements rather than turnover and the changes to our business lines.

    At the LBLG meeting of 12 August 2013, the Commissioner announced to members changes to the ATOs medium and large income tax compliance business lines. The ATO had recently reviewed its approach of using turnover levels to allocate client responsibilities across these lines to identify potential improvements. Adopting a different approach to allocating client responsibility will allow us to concentrate more on these areas of similarity. As a result, our Large Business and International business is now known as Public Groups and International (PG&I), and our Medium business is now known as Private Groups and High Wealth Individuals (PGH).

    We have taken an ‘open for business’ approach while the transition is underway – large taxpayers should have seen no changes to service levels or disruption to compliance activity underway. Work which is underway in one business line will completed by that business line, eg. audit and risk review products will be completed by current teams. This will help ensure that large taxpayers experience no loss of continuity of approach and that we remain transparent in our dealings.

    Shane invited members to advise the LBLG Secretariat if there are any issues or concerns they would like to raise.

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