• 7. ATO Consultative Arrangements

    Peter Coakley outlined the progress since the last LBLG meeting on the implementation of the ATOs new consultative arrangements.

    The ATO has compiled a list of issues that it is currently consulting on. This list includes details on the status, purpose and description of the consultation, outcomes of consultation and who we are consulting with. This information will be published on the ATO’s web site ato.gov.au. We intend to update this material and publish new matters for consultation on our web site on a monthly basis.

    Peter informed members of the establishment of the new Consultation Steering Group. This group consists of two senior ATO representatives, a Treasury representative and nine representatives from tax profession associations and industry bodies who will meet regularly to ensure the ATO’s consultation processes are operating effectively and aligned with the guiding principles. The first meeting will be held on 29 November 2013. This group will report to the National Tax Liaison Group (NTLG) on the progress of consultation, the issues under consultation and who we are consulting with to ensure we are being effective.

    The ATO has issued its first ATO Consultation Hub Update. This will be published monthly on the ATO’s web site and provides information on significant events, new matters for consultation and any other relevant information on our consultative arrangements.

    Judy Morris informed members of the role of the Consultation Hub in managing issues for consultation as they are raised. The Consultation Hub is a two way referral process that will manage matters raised internally and externally and refer them to the relevant area in the ATO for consideration and response. The ATO wants to ensure that ‘business as usual’ matters do not get caught up in the consultation process.

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