• 1. Welcome, minutes and action items

    The meeting commenced at 10:00am.

    The meeting Chair, James O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner Indirect Tax opened the meeting and welcomed all members and participants.

    James welcomed the following new members to the meeting:

    • Grant Wardell-Johnson – Partner KPMG, replacing David Watkins as the Big 4 accounting firm representative
    • Tony Principe – General Manager Taxation, Origin Energy

    James welcomed the following guests to the meeting:

    • Terry Murphy QC – Law Council of Australia – Terry attended the meeting on behalf of Dr Niv Tadmore
    • Trevor Hughes – Tax Partner, Business Tax Services, Ernst& Young – Trevor attended the meeting on behalf of Michael Johnston

    Apologies were received from the following members:

    • Michael Johnston – Finance Director, Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd, ‘G100’ representative
    • Dr Niv Tadmore - Law Council of Australia
    • Jane Michie – Group Tax Manager, BHP Billiton Pty Ltd (Jane is a new LBLG member, replacing Tom De Georgio, Vice President Group Tax, BHP Billiton Pty Ltd)

    James advised members that Michael Lawry, Tax Manager Santos, had stepped down as LBLG member. James thanked Michael for his contribution to this forum.

    The draft minutes from the 11 August 2014 meeting were sent to members on 27 October 2014 for information and comment.

    There were no changes to the draft minutes. The minutes were accepted as final.


    Action item register

    There are three Action Items from the 17 November 2014 LBLG meeting. The Action Items and their status follow:

    Action Item 1 – 01-171114

    Report to LBLG members at future meeting on the Client Feedback Questionnaire results and trend analysis of these results (Jeff Stevenson, Assistant Commissioner Public Groups and International)

    Status: Complete – The results of the Client Feedback Questionnaires were sent to members on 22 April 2015. The results were also discussed under Agenda Item 5: Pre-lodgment Compliance Reviews.

    Action Item 2 – 02-171114

    ATO to consider feedback and ideas provided to progress the review of Annual Compliance Arrangements (James O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner, Indirect Tax and Jeremy Hirschhorn, Deputy Commissioner, Public Groups and International)

    Status: Complete - The outcomes from the 17 November 2014 LBLG meeting were incorporated into the ATO’s reinvention of early engagement strategies based on the ATO Blueprint. An ATO project team is working with external stakeholders to co-design a more flexible set of approaches and service arrangements for key taxpayers in the large market. We are working towards the new approach based on findings from various internal reviews and the outcomes from the LBLG meeting/workshop in November 2014. The ATO has been consulting with the CTA as we work towards implementing the new approach.

    Action Item 3 – 03-171114

    Inform members in early 2015 about the work the ATO is undertaking on measuring the tax gap, including the large market sample (John Ford, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Private Groups and High Wealth Individuals)

    Status: Incomplete – This matter will be raised for discussion at the next LBLG meeting (10 August 2015).

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