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  • Individual Stewardship Group minutes 12 April 2016

    Meeting details

    Venue: ATO National Office, Canberra

    Date: 12 April 2016

    Chair: Alison Lendon

    Contact: email Individuals Stewardship Group

    1. Welcome and introductions

    Chair, Alison Lendon welcomed the new and returning members to the first meeting of the refreshed Individuals Stewardship Group. Each member introduced themselves and provided an overview of their organisation or group.

    2. Individuals client experience priorities

    Alison Lendon provided the group with an overview of the Reinventing the ATO journey as well as what’s been delivered so far.

    Through consultation, the top five priorities for 2016–17 to enhance the Individuals client experience are:

    • Shaping tomorrow’s taxpayers today through engagement and education of youth and migrants
    • Ensuring all forms for new entrants are digital
    • Minimising system workarounds to provide a better client and staff experience
    • Improving the Division 293 Superannuation experience
    • Proactively advising individuals about their deductions and other concessions

    3. ‘Show me what, show me how’

    Braden Powell led a presentation on the ‘Show me what, how and why’ strategy for Individuals. This strategy is in response to community feedback about making information and services easier to find and understand and to ‘show me what I need to do, particularly when I need to change the way I do things’.

    4. myTax 2016

    Robyn Clayton provided an update on the enhanced service myTax 2016 will provide to all Individual taxpayers if they choose to self-prepare. eTax has been retired. The communication plan includes direct communication to last year’s eTax users about the transition to myTax.

    Ross Barns joined the meeting and led a presentation on the myDeductions tool available through the ATO app. It makes it easier and more convenient for individuals to keep income tax related deductions all in one place and on the go.

    5. Working together to design and shape solutions

    Members provided their input to solutions and strategies on ‘Youth Education’ and ‘Refund of Imputation Credits’. The feedback will be provided to the project team to incorporate into their strategy and work plans.

    6. Intelligence sharing

    Members were invited to raise issues and share initiatives and trends they are seeing in their organisation or group. Feedback and issues raised will be incorporated into future agenda topics.

    7. Wrap up

    Alison Lendon thanked members for their attendance and input, noting the next meeting is scheduled for 27 July 2016.

    Future topics for discussion include:

    • Tax time progress
    • Individuals experience priorities, next steps
    • Digital by Default
    • International tax issues
    • Private advice
    • Sharing economy
    • DHS/ATO working together
    • Fix-it squads priorities and findings of workshops, deceased estates
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