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  • Individual Stewardship Group minutes 27 July 2016

    Meeting details

    Venue: ATO Offices, Canberra

    Date: 27 July 2016

    Chair: Alison Lendon

    Contact: email Individuals Stewardship Group

    1. Welcome and introductions

    Chair, Alison Lendon opened the meeting, welcoming members and guests and noted the agenda.

    2. Commissioners opening remarks

    Commissioner Jordan provided his thoughts about the ATO’s consultation arrangements and the valuable contribution members make in informing our direction for the client experience as well as working with us to fix irritants, make things ‘quick, easy and painless’ as well as building confidence in the system.

    3. Individuals fix-it squads

    Tania Laycock provided an overview on the recommendations implemented from the recent ‘Deceased Estates’ Individuals fix-it squad.

    Future fix-it squad topics include: Temporary residents working/preparing to work in Australia; Applying for a Tax File Number; Taxpayers in Prison; Unnecessary multiple Superannuation accounts.

    4. Influencing community perceptions

    Tania Laycock facilitated a discussion on community confidence with the ATO. Members broke into two groups and provided their input to “What are perceptions out in the community? What are the quick wins about how we could influence those perceptions?"

    The ATO will continue to work on the key themes and identify strategies to help address them. These will be brought back for discussion at the November meeting.

    5. Working together to design and shape solutions to improve the Individuals PAYG obligations

    Marilena Bressan joined the meeting and led a discussion to seek feedback on voluntary entry into the PAYG Instalment system for self-funded retirees. It was agreed that members would canvass their wider associations/membership groups about this proposal.

    6. Sharing economy

    Michelle Allen joined the meeting seeking feedback on the proposed communication plan and approach for the sharing economy. The group reviewed a number of proposed scenarios for the communication material. They agreed that the scenarios need to be timely and targeted, need to make a clear distinction between hobby vs income and the possible tax obligations as well as provide advice for ‘drivers’ who must be registered for GST but may not be aware of the obligation to do so on time. There also needs to be advice for tax agents.

    7. Tax Time and myGov update

    Graham Whyte provided an update on Tax Time including a new initiative, ATO ‘Pop Up’ kiosks which are being held in shopping centres nationally. Members were offered the opportunity to set up an ATO pop-up for their respective organisations.

    8. Intelligence sharing

    Members were invited to raise issues and share initiatives and trends they are seeing in their organisation or group, these included; scams, education, proposed super changes and sharing economy. Feedback and issues raised will be incorporated into future agenda topics. Members were encouraged to co-sponsor agenda items.

    9. Wrap up

    Alison Lendon thanked members for their attendance and input, noting the next meeting is scheduled for 2 November 2016.

    Future topics for discussion include:

    • Scams
    • Work related and home office expenses
    • Authorised representatives
    • Individuals Client Experience Priorities – next steps
    • Digital by default
    • Single Touch Payroll
    • International tax issues
    • DHS/ATO working together
    • Private advice
    • ATO Penalty Project
    • Superannuation measures
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