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  • 8. Tax Practitioner experience

    The ATO has developed a tax professional’s framework to support and deliver the future tax practitioner experience. The framework is supported by four key focus areas:

    • Transforming the agent role - as the professional role of the tax agent is likely to evolve; we will provide support through seminars, online and telephone support
    • Trusted relationship model - accreditations where tax professionals are empowered to provide more services to the community on behalf of the ATO
    • Digital interaction and support services - working in stages to improve portal services, improve stability and provide software developers with ability to incorporate more functionality into practice management software
    • Engagement and communication strategy - to guide the tax profession and other influential stakeholders through significant changes.

    Members of this forum have been introduced to the two senior ATO experience leaders who will be working in partnership through Program Boards to deliver the framework and the tax practitioner experience of the future.

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