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  • 8. Addressing agent concerns

    The Professional Services Reference Group was established around 12 months ago to work collaboratively with the tax profession to address the major systemic issues for agents at that time. Following prioritisation, the primary focus of the group has been on addressing a range of issues within the debt experience. Debt will continue to refine their interactions with agents and the processes they use as part of their normal activities. Following the successful completion of the work within its charter this group will now close.

    The strong support and collaborative design by the members of the tax profession involved has been greatly appreciated and the system created to deal with concerns will be utilised with future concerns. The ATO will maintain a focus on gathering intelligence from many sources such as the Open Forums, discussion groups, complex issues resolution and evaluate the concerns being raised.

    The future focus will be based around:

    • fully understanding the issues and their impacts
    • addressing simple concerns early and quickly
    • bringing to the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group all significant concerns for prioritisation
    • co-designing solutions with the tax profession using various methods such as limited life working groups and small focus groups
    • reviewing outcomes and reporting back to the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group.

    Members agreed that the recent process had been successful and that the model will support working groups into the future.

    9. Other business, forward agenda items and meeting close

    The agenda listed the following items for future consideration:

    • Online services for agents (out of session)
    • impacts resulting from the Pintarich decision
    • 2024 client experience aspirations (out of session)
    • 2024 vision and goals for individuals and small business
    • Taxable payments reporting system
    • ATO correspondence project
    • Black economy measures for small business
    • Small business income tax gap estimates
    • E-invoicing
    • Agent assurance and early intervention strategies

    Topics for the agenda can be sent to the secretariat via the TPSG mailbox at any time.

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