• 30 July 2015

    Key messages from the Future Tax Profession 2020 sub-group meeting held 30 July 2015

    This workshop set the context for future engagement with our partners and will support ongoing development of major programs of work to reinvent our clients' experience in the tax and super systems.  

    The discussion included:

    • Moving the focus away from 'today' and looking at trends affecting the future of the tax and super system.
    • Sharing the outcomes we are working to deliver for each client group identified in the Reinventing the ATO Blueprint from a whole of tax and super perspective.
    • Creating a shared understanding of the characteristics of a strong partnership.
    • Starting to understand the future role of intermediaries and different partners, including tax professionals and software developers.

    A talkbook developed following the workshop can be accessed via the Tax professionals communityExternal Link page.

    Next steps

    Over the coming months we are running a number of 'experience workshops' involving individuals, businesses, our partners and ATO staff.

    These workshops will help form a plan for the ATO for what needs to be done to deliver that future experience for our different clients, including tax professionals and ATO staff. Members of the working group and other tax professionals will be involved in experience workshops.

    We will keep you informed through the Tax professionals newsroom and newsletter as this work progresses.

    If you would like to be involved in the experience workshops, you can Register to take part in consultations.

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