• 29 May 2015

    On 29 May 2015 the 2015–16 sub-group of the Future of the tax profession working group met in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. The discussion concentrated on up-coming changes.

    Over the next six months the ATO are working with software developers on important changes to practice management software. Depending on the software tax professionals use, changes could mean accepting the normal annual upgrade, while others may need additional preparations for these changes.

    During this time software developers are starting to build and test more forms using the new platform for their software. This will enable their software to send information to the ATO, and is known as Standard Business Reporting (SBR).

    The ATO are working closely with software developers to ensure plans are coordinated and implemented to prevent issues occurring. The updates discussed at the meeting included:

    • making specifications available for software developers to build forms and services into their SBR practice management software
    • software developers are building forms in their test environments to identify any potential issues.

    Software developers will advise their clients about what they need to do. If tax professionals have not heard from their software developer about planned changes to practice management software, they should contact them to see if their practice needs to do anything to prepare for the changes.

    During the meeting, the group also explored changes to reduce the reliance on AUSkeys and ways to make it easier for tax professionals to authenticate through practice management software. More information about these changes will be available soon.

    The 2015–16 sub-group will continue to meet on a regular basis to monitor and review progress.

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