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  • PAYG instalments

    Correcting PAYG instalments

    If you realise you've made a mistake working out your pay as you go (PAYG) instalment, including where you've made a variation because your circumstances have changed, you can correct it by lodging a revised activity statement or varying a subsequent instalment.

    You can change your instalment by either:

    • revising your current activity statement, you need to lodge your revision before
      • the date the activity statement is due
      • you lodge your tax return for the year
    • varying your instalment on a later activity statement, as long as it's from the same financial year.

    If you have varied the amount or rate and want to change your instalment back to the original amount or rate, you'll need to lodge another variation.

    See also:

    Interest and penalties

    When you vary or revise PAYG instalments, it’s important not to underestimate your amount, rate or instalment income. We compare your instalments to your total tax payable on your instalment income for the year, and if your instalments are less than 85% of that total, you may be subject to general interest charge on the difference, as well as penalties.

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