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  • More time to lodge, pay and respond

    In the days and weeks following a disaster we understand your tax responsibilities are not the most important things on your mind. We can work with you to meet your obligations.

    If you've lost your tax file number (TFN) or other tax documents during a disaster, we will verify your identity using other information when you contact us.

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    Areas affected by major disasters

    We may automatically give you extra time to lodge and pay if you're affected by a major (large-scale) disaster. You don't need to contact us.

    We use a list of 'impacted postcodes' to identify people and businesses in disaster-affected areas.

    To check if we've extended your lodgment and payment due dates and what the new due dates are, go to specific disasters.

    Phone our Emergency Support Infoline on 1800 806 218 for help if:

    • the disaster affected you but your postcode is not listed as an 'impacted postcode'
    • the general extension is not long enough for you
    • you need further assistance.

    Other disaster situations

    If you have experienced a personal disaster such as a house fire or sewage leak, we can help.

    You can discuss your circumstances with us by phoning 13 11 42 between 8.00am–8.00pm, Mon–Fri (local time) except national public holidays.

    Your registered tax or BAS agent can also apply for further assistance online via Online services for agents.

    Registered agents

    If you're unable to lodge tax returns, activity statements or other forms on time because the disaster affected you or your clients, we can help.

    If you or your clients are in a major disaster-affected area, we may automatically defer the lodgment and payments due.

    If we apply automatic deferrals, we will update the deferred due dates in our online services. These can take some time to appear in our system as we progressively apply these changes.

    To check if we have extended your lodgment and payment due dates and the new due dates, go to specific disasters.

    You can phone us on 1800 700 724 if:

    • the disaster affected you but your postcode is not listed
    • the general extension is not long enough for you
    • you need further assistance.

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    If you're an employer and you're unable to pay super for your employees on time, we have additional information to assist you.

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    Making payments

    If you're having financial difficulties because of a disaster, you can ask for more time to pay your tax debt, interest free. This includes amounts owing on your activity statement.

    If you've been working as a volunteer assisting people affected by a disaster, we may be able to give you more time to pay.

    You may choose to vary your PAYG instalment if there's a significant change in your income or tax situation.

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    Our letters

    We generally stop sending correspondence to areas affected by major disasters.

    You can phone us on 1800 806 218:

    • if you are expecting mail from us and don't receive it – we will ensure redirection of your mail to you
    • if you receive mail from us but you're not ready to deal with it right away – we can usually provide extra time so you can deal with more immediate things first
    • once you're ready to focus on your tax affairs, to discuss your circumstances and the best way we can help you
    • about damaged or destroyed letters or other tax documents – we can help you to reconstruct your tax records.

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