• Dispute management plan 2013-14


    The Dispute management plan is an Australian Government initiative.


    You can download a printable version of the Dispute management plan 2013-14 in PDF format (200kb).

    End of attention  

    Our plan

    This plan has a specific focus on disputes related to debt, including unfair preference claims. However, our approach and key principles apply to all disputes, including tax and superannuation, complaints, access to information, compensation, procurement and employee disputes. We will also continue to work on the strategies in our 2012-13 plan to improve and enhance our approach in managing disputes.

    Our approach

    In avoiding and resolving various types of disputes we will treat taxpayers in similar situations fairly and consistently.

    Our objectives

    • Faster and earlier resolution of disputes
    • Reduce the number of disputes
    • Lower your costs and our costs
    • Enhance our relationship with the community
    • Make your interactions with us easier

    Our key principles

    We will work with you to:

    • avoid disputes where possible
    • resolve disputes in the simplest and most cost-effective manner, taking into account the merits and the risks
    • resolve disputes as early as possible
    • clarify issues in dispute by listening to each other's views and considering all resolution options
    • manage disputes fairly and courteously.

    Debt action in 2012-13  

    • 15.9 million Taxpayer population  
    • 1,274,433 total debt clients  
    • 12,943 ATO initiated legal action  
    • 4,598 Insolvency proceedings initiated  
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