• 3.2 If you are not satisfied with the information we provide

    If you are not satisfied with the information we provide, you can use our tools or an administrative access scheme to access more information, including:

    • copies of your tax returns and statements - search for 'copies of returns' to access a request form.
    • copies of public rulings and determinations
    • information about our organisation, powers and functions, annual reports, appointments, arrangements for public comment, information we routinely provide to the Australian Parliament and the precedential material and guidelines we use for decision making from the statutory Information Publication Scheme
    • your ATO employment records - email the ATO People Helpline or phone 13 15 50.

    You can also ask tax auditors for information about our audit position in your case.

    If you are an insolvency practitioner, it is now easier for you to get information we hold to help you administer insolvent estates - refer to release of taxpayer information.

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