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  • Objectives

    By providing information about our overall approach to dispute management, and how we deal with specific types of disputes, we aim to promote a resolution culture based on all of the following:

    • effective communication
    • genuine engagement
    • collaboration
    • strategies that are
      • fair and proportionate to the matters in dispute
      • lead to early resolution at minimal cost.

    To help us achieve our objectives, we will work with our dispute management stakeholders – our employees, the community, other agencies, courts and tribunals, legal and accounting bodies, dispute resolution practitioners and our various external scrutineers – to identify and promote best practice in dispute management.

    We will continue to develop better tools to assess risk and manage disputes, and review our communication approach to minimise disputes – for example, by encouraging more phone contact and clearer written communications. We will also continue to review and evaluate our dispute policies and processes, and update them as necessary.

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