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  • Deceased estate distributions objections

    We need specific documents and information to process an objection to our decision about deceased estate distributions.

    Providing this information up front will reduce delays.

    If you wish to lodge an objection to our decision about deceased estate distributions, you'll need to:

    • complete and submit the relevant objection form (for taxpayers or tax professionals)
    • provide the supporting information listed below

    Supporting information required

    If you have previously given us any of the information listed below, you don't need to resend it.

    The information we need includes:

    • whether the estate has been fully administered (provide details of the stage of administration of the estate)
    • copies of the deceased estate trust deed and/or will of the deceased person and/or grant of probate
    • whether the beneficiary is presently entitled to the distribution
    • whether the beneficiary is a minor or under a legal disability
    • whether a beneficiary is able to demand any immediate payment of any income of the estate
    • whether the income is legally available for distribution to the beneficiary
    • a description of the assets and/or amounts being distributed
    • whether the beneficiary is an Australian resident for tax purposes
    • whether the distribution is from an Australian source.

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