• Legal expenses

    Private rulings and objections

    This page lists the documents and information we usually need to process private rulings and objections.

    Please send the following documents and information with your:

    Disregard the documents and information on this page that you have previously provided.

    Supporting document requirements

    • Provide full details of the reasons and circumstances leading to you incurring the legal expenses
    • Provide copies of any documentation that detail these circumstances - such as, court documents and solicitor's documents
    • How are these expenses relevant to your gaining or producing of assessable income? For example, what was the objective you were seeking to achieve by incurring the expenses?
    • If you have professional indemnity insurance, will the expenses be covered by that?
    • Have you sought, or will you seek, to recover costs from the other party? If yes, provide details
    • Have you paid the legal expenses at issue? If yes, provide copies of the accounts
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