• Invalidity payments objections

    We need specific documents and information to process an objection to our decision about invalidity payments.

    Providing this information up front will reduce delays.

    If you wish to lodge an objection to our decision about invalidity payments, you'll need to:

    • complete and submit the relevant objection form (for taxpayers or tax professionals)
    • provide the supporting information listed below.

    Supporting information required

    If you have previously given us any of the information listed below, you don't need to resend it.

    The information we need includes:

    • the date you commenced employment
    • the date you sustained the permanent disability
    • the nature of the disability/illness/condition
    • the date you terminated employment and the reason for terminating employment
    • the date you would have ordinarily ceased employment under the terms and conditions of your employment
    • the date and amount of the payment
    • copies of any payment summaries
    • details of who made the payment
    • a copy of your employment contract or details of the award or agreement containing the terms and conditions of your employment
    • copies of medical certificates obtained at the time of termination of employment or payment of the eligible termination payment for invalidity
    • a copy of your notice of termination of employment or resignation letter
    • copies of any other correspondence relating to the termination of employment or the payment
    • your current occupation and duties involved (if applicable)
    • the date you commenced your current occupation (if applicable)
    • any other documents that would support the statements made in your objection.

    Next steps:

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