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  • Dispute Assist

    Dispute Assist is a free service to help unrepresented individuals and small businesses with the dispute process.

    We recognise some taxpayers involved in an objection or dispute process may be at a disadvantage. Significant or exceptional personal circumstances and the inability to afford representation, may contribute to being in dispute.

    The service was trialled in 2017 and received positive feedback from taxpayers, showing Dispute Assist made the process easier.

    When we can help

    Dispute Assist aims to support unrepresented individuals and small business taxpayers, and can support you if:

    • you lodge an objection
    • your objection (dispute) isn't being lodged by a formal representative or you no longer have a representative (for example, an accountant, tax agent or legal representative)
    • you indicate that you are suffering from significant or exceptional circumstances.

    How we can help

    A Dispute Assist guide is completely independent from your objection or dispute process.

    Support is provided by an experienced Dispute Assist guide who will assist you through the dispute process and work towards resolving your dispute.

    The independent guide will:

    • connect you with the right people so your dispute can be resolved as early as possible
    • ensure all options have been explored in resolving your dispute
    • provide assurance that your dispute has been handled fairly
    • assist you to access services to help you move forward.

    Watch this short video that explains Dispute Assist:

    How you can apply for Dispute Assist

    If you haven't yet lodged an objection form, and would like to be considered for Dispute Assist, you can indicate this by outlining your personal circumstances in the space provided on the objection form at Question 9b.

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