• ESS: Reporting requirements for employers

    If you provide your employees or their associates with 'ESS interests' under an employee share scheme (ESS) you have certain reporting obligations.

    An ESS interest is a beneficial interest in a share in a company, or a beneficial interest in a right to acquire a beneficial interest in a share in a company. ESS interests can be shares, stapled securities or rights (including options) to acquire shares or stapled securities.

    The ESS rules require you to provide us, and your employee, with details of your employee's ESS interests. This page explains what you need to provide to us and to your employees, and when you need to provide it.

    If an associate of your employee acquires ESS interests which are provided in relation to employment or services, the ESS rules require the employee rather than the associate to include the discount in their assessable income.

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      Last modified: 12 Jul 2016QC 23058