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  • Fuel scheme claims

    You need to request an amendment in writing – either by letter or using a form we supply – to change information you've provided in a claim under the following schemes:

    Fuel tax credits shows how to correct mistakes made on activity statements for fuel tax credits.

    Cleaner fuels grants scheme

    You can use the Cleaner fuels grants scheme request to amend a claim form (NAT 9841) instead of writing us a letter. Phone us to get a copy.

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    Fuel tax credits – non business

    If you claim fuel tax credits on an activity statement see Fuel tax credits.

    If you don't claim your fuel tax credits on an activity statement you can still make an adjustment or correct an error.

    You may have made a mistake on a previous claim – such as a calculation error – or used the fuel in a different way than originally intended and need to make an adjustment. Or you may also have found a processing error we’ve made.

    If you simply forget to claim fuel tax credits that you are entitled to, this is not a mistake – you can claim for the quantity you omitted on a later claim form.

    To correct an error you have made on a submitted claim form, such as a calculation error, you can write to us. Your letter must be signed by you or a person authorised to act on your behalf and must contain:

    • your name and contact details
    • EIN, TFN or ABN
    • the start and end date for the return period in which the error occurred
    • the fuel type and activity that the error occurred with
    • the amount of the error in eligible litres (or kilograms)
    • the reason for the error

    Where we amend an earlier assessment of your fuel tax credit amount we'll issue a notice of amended assessment.

    Product stewardship for oil program

    If you need to amend your claim, you should advise us in writing as soon as possible.

    Your request to amend should include:

    • your client account number (shown on your claim form and claim assessment)
    • your ABN
    • the claim reference number (shown on your claim assessment)
    • details of the amendment required
    • the reason for the amendment
    • the signature of a person authorised to act on behalf of the business.

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